I am a fishkeeping enthusiast. In order to uncover at least a small part of fishkeeping history, I decided to look for old articles about aquariums in various newspapers and magazines (not the specialized fishkeeping magazines) that document popularization of this hobby. I use online archives with free access. The most interesting articles (in English, French, German and Czech) are presented on this page. If you’re looking for articles mentioning specific fish, invertebrates or plants, or specific fishkeeping themes, index might be helpful. On this page, you will find a list of all found articles with links to fulltext (you can also find a simplified list of already described articles below). Enjoy this black-and-white journey to the fishkeeping history!



COMING SOON: Akvárium v okně. Rozkvět: obrazový čtrnáctideník, 1925.

TRIMM, Timothée. L’Aquarium en famille. Le Petit journal, 1865.

Dr. Fish: Nerve Specialist!. The Sunday Telegram, 1915.

BOUSOVEC, V. Akvárium. Ma-lé no-vi-ny pro dě-ti, 1896.

Revival of an old time interest: An aquarium a feature of the young girl’s sitting room. The San Francisco Sunday Call, 1909.

RUß, Karl. Schmuck- und Liebhabereifische in der Häuslichkeit. Neue illustrirte Zeitung, 1887.